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About Me

Susan Kelly, MSW​​

I am Susan Kelly, a mother, singer, lover of the outdoors. Like you I have many facets and specifics of my conditions of being. I have worked in the helping field for almost 20 years, blessed with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Master's Degree in Social Work, my education  has allowed me to work for many years in the Child Welfare realm and now to move in to the Addiction and Emotional Health fields and to happen upon Somatic Experiencing (SE). I have discovered the deep healing that is possible in the interpersonal relationship between client and practitioner through my extensive Advanced SE training.

My session work is built upon this relationship and my firm belief that in a safe and supportive environment the ruptures in our sense of safety that are created by our experiences and impact our ability to relate to ourselves and others can be healed. I offer this session work to individuals, couples, families or groups in my private practice and can also be found at Prescott Professional Counseling where we provide groups and individual sessions in an aftercare setting for those struggling in early recovery from addiction. I offer consultation to those suffering with addiction as well,  to provide guidance to navigate the complicated world of the addict to bring solace, healing and problem solving to individuals and families along this difficult path. 

Whether you do or do not find what you are looking for on this website I invite you to give me a call. Together we can discuss your needs and if my approach is not a good match I am familiar with many other providers in the area and would be happy to make referrals and recommendations.